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About YAL


Our company YAL NY was established in 2014 by a family who cares deeply about the modesty of women, who honor their bodies by dressing themselves with dignity and purity, but at the same time who strike a balance with religious requirements in a fashionable way that aligns with their modern day attitude.


We provide quality and affordable apparel that is modest and pleasurable to wear. Within our line you can find beautiful below the knees dresses, skirts, sweaters and tops. Our lines are geared toward a range of generations and tastes, and thus provide our clientele with a variety of styles, colors, shapes, fabrics and prints.


We care about each element and do not take any shortcuts and only use the best knits, fabrics and trims to bring you classic and long-lasting items. We hope that together we can build a strong and global Fashion community that honors modesty and believes that every woman deserves to be beautiful, look great and be respected by everyone.


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