Spring 2018 brought the puff-sleeve trend and clearly, it is here to stay. Need proof? Check out the 2020 fall/winter collections from designers across the globe. From bell-shaped and extra-long to balloon and cold-shoulder, attention grabbing sleeves not going anywhere so make sure you don’t miss out.

We want to make sure you’re in the know so here are our favorite sleeves for the season!

  1. The Balloon Sleeve
    Immediately add this to your wardrobe! This voluminous design looks great with any bottom, straight, cropped or wide-legged. These (typically) shorter sleeves get their name from mirroring a deflated balloon – however they’ll only inflate (had to) your outfit!

  2. Fur Sleeves
    With winter coming, it is the perfect time to unleash the fur – and that means on your sleeves, too! Fur sleeves give your outfit texture, warmth and instant wow-factor! Weather might be turning cold but fur sleeves are hot hot hot! Feeling bold? Pair with a statement color.

  3. The drop shoulder
    This look it the perfect winter look because it screams “comfortable”. Typically a looser fitting shirt, add a closer fitting bottom, some boots and you are good to go! Nothing says fall this year like an oversized fit sweater with a drop sleeve.

  4. (Extra) Long Sleeves
    So, we don’t know how we feel about the “traditional” extra long sleeves – the ones that look stretched out, giving a "rough around the edges" statement but… We do love a, what we’ll call a, sleeve extension. This style of sleeve has taken the place of your traditional knitwear and button-down shirts. Because they’re such a dominate piece, they pair best with basics. Add some flare without stepping too far out of your comfort zone!

  5. Layered Sleeves
    Not a sleeve, but this is how you can dress up a sleeve! The above sleeves (and plenty more) draw attention on their own, but when if you want to dress up a traditional sleeve? The best way to keep classic sleeves stylish is to add a layered sleeve. This can come in the form of a looser top over a tighter one, or our favorite a vest! We love the look of a classic sleeve layered with a fur vest – 2 trends in one!

Ready for more sleeves? Be on the look out for Balloon Sleeves and Puff Sleeves in our Spring 2020 Collection!