Tznius Clothes - When Modesty Becomes Visible


What does the word "tznius" mean, and why do we use it in a fashion context? It derives from the Hebrew for "modesty" or "privacy”. Nowadays, this term is often used for the rules of dress for women within Judaism and other conservative branches of different faiths and religions. The main principle of tznius is not attracting undue attention because of your look. It pertains to how people present themselves to society and clothes are a big part of that. There are many different interpretations of how much skin should be covered, but according to many opinions, covering the elbows and knees is a must.

However, many modern women follow fashion and staying on the modest side is a must. So the question of finding stylish tznius clothes that are trendy and consistent with faith and cultural roots is always relevant. Read on to know how to make the choice of clothing right and look fabulous.

Take A Look At The Turtlenecks

Today's turtlenecks surprise with a variety of styles and patterns. Mock wrap-over items, turtlenecks with oversized collars, and classic pieces - everyone can choose something to his liking. Create individual outfits with turtlenecks without any doubts! They are good to combine with almost anything and are 100% tznius. Turtlenecks cover the elbows and hide collarbones bringing the feelings of warmth and comfort. Just perfect for the autumn weather! If you find the silhouette too tight, just balance it with more relaxed oversized skirts or pants.

Tznius T-Shirts

Tznius T-Shirts

Midis And Maxis

The skirts of midi and maxi length are in style now. Such items will give enough comfort and confidence, and to boot, they let you move easily. Pleated, straight, patterned, or solid-colored – all kinds of midis and maxis are in vogue today. Wear colorful midi with basic tops or combine skirts of neutral tones with something bright! These skirts make it easy and fun to stick to the rules while showing off your own style. Do you want to add some new flair to your style? Say no to monotonous outfits and re-stock your wardrobe with multifarious midis and maxis.

Tznius Skirts

Tznius Skirts

Relaxed Silhouettes

Stylists recommend wearing loose clothes with belts and emphasize your waist. Another tip is to wrap oversized shirts or dresses with fanny packs or add a blazer to make the outfit look well-shaped and loose enough with some added functionality.

Don't forget about oversized jackets and cardigans (everyone’s favorite!). They can save the day and make you look modest even if you are wearing something form-fitting underneath. Want to add a little length? Throw on some heeled booties or some tall boots!

Tznius Clothes

Make It Brighter With Patterns

This season patterns are trending. It’s a great way to play with styles and make modest outfits more fun and modern. Matching sets and monochromatic looks are all the rage right now.

How to mix it successfully? The first thing to keep in mind is shapes, sizes, and colors of patterns should match well. Don’t combine soft rounded shapes with straight geometrical ones. For example, floral print, polka dot, and paisley pattern go together well because they have soft lines.

If you don’t like the experiments or find the process of creating matching sets too difficult, check out YAL pieces our designers created for you.

Tznius Sweaters

Tznius Sweaters

Use Layers

Layering is an essential part of the overall style. All the more, layering is about function. Using layers, you will outsmart weather, look simultaneously modest and stylish. Combine a long-sleeve tznius tops with blazers or hoodies. A button-down shirt can be coupled with a sweater-vest and a jacket. Want to cover up your collarbone? Throw on a scarf and add some additional personality and color, too. Creating a tzniut outfit is simple and smooth if you managed to learn the art of layering. Think outside the box, get creative, and have fun!

Choose Appropriate Fabrics

Being attentive to fabrics is the first condition of success when it goes about modest clothing. Choose light and airy materials for warm seasons and thick fabrics for colder months. If you prefer layering in clothes, make sure your basic layer is breathable and not scratchy. Light-colored items are best for summer because they don’t absorb heat and make you look fresh. Give your higher priority to fabric with a soft drape, which makes it fold close to your body. With layering, you are always dressed for the weather!

Do you stand for your identity and beliefs but don’t want to sacrifice stylish looks? YAL will help you to have it all at once. Our brand is created for those who know modest clothes don’t have to be dull and outdated. Embrace the modest life and modernize your wardrobe with us.